“Lighthouse” and “Crows” are two very melodic, melancholy songs. While “Lighthouse” deals with feelings of loss and loneliness within a relationship, “Crows” touches on deeper issues of divorce, pollution, and money struggles. This music video seamlessly blends the two songs into a beautiful visual story.

“Ever Since” is Chow Mane’s first release from his project, “SIMMERING”, a departure from his previous sound. Over bouncy and melodic production, Chow uses his raspy, playful voice to sing infectious melodies and unexpected soaring falsettos.

In this session with POPEye Media in his hometown of San Jose, Chow Mane balances flows and insane wordplay over a medley of popular Bay Area and classic hip-hop beats. Chow solidifies himself as not just the best Asian rapper, but one of the best rappers out period.

“ABG (Asian Baby Girl)” provides a look into a subculture dominant within the Asian American community. Chow describes the archetypal “ABG” - providing social commentary that has been exceedingly relevant but never expressed before.

"Mooncakes” is the title track from Chow Mane’s debut EP. The video shows a ghost of Chow, visiting his childhood in his grandparent’s home, invisible to them. Deeply personal lyrics about Chow’s Chinese upbringing and his family’s experience as Vietnam War refugees, combined with a sentimental guqin melody on a trap beat, have established “Mooncakes” as an exceedingly unique piece in Asian American hip-hop.

“Chinatown” seamlessly blends Chinese Mandarin with English in high energy, punchline-filled bars, showcasing Chow Mane’s impressive flows and wordplay. The production, also by Chow Mane, is a hip-hop mishmash of traditional Beijing opera, dragon dances, and other samples that create a disorienting but thrilling vibe. Filmed in San Francisco Chinatown